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Melbourne's Silverberry - Handmade jewellery and treasures

Cathy Fitzpatrick has created unique hand-made jewellery and collectibles using silver, semi-precious stones and pearls since 2003. Her exclusive pieces stand out for their beauty, elegance and timeless design. Cathy describes her style as classic with a contemporary twist. "My jewellery and collectibles are quite streamlined, but with a hand-crafted edge."

Cathy has always been attracted to the colour and polish of silver, and, in working with it, she found that its malleability and ductility, in addition to its affordability, makes it a very versatile medium. "Almost anyone can have hand-made and unique designer pieces", she says. Similarly, semi-precious stones, with a huge selection of colour, textures, shapes and sizes, are within any budget range, according to the designer. "I particularly love pearls, and how they light up, draw attention to and flatter the wearer's face."

While the making of jewellery is a means of self-expression for its creator, jewellery can of course mean so much to the person wearing it – a token of affection, an expression of personality, style, mood or status.   read more

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Take a look at unique keepsakes using silver or contact Cathy to have a piece especially designed and handmade for you.

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