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Meet Cathy Fitzpatrick, the creator and designer of Silverberry – Handmade jewellery and treasures:

How and why did you become interested in making jewellery?
I have always been involved with various handcrafts, and was initially attracted to the technical aspects of silversmithing. I enjoyed learning the processes involved in crafting silver objects, and have steadily become more interested in jewellery design and creation.

Where did you learn the art of making jewellery and other treasures?
I first had lessons in a private Melbourne studio and later in TAFE courses. As my interest has grown, I research whenever and wherever I can, through reading, experimentation, and visiting studios, museums and art galleries, in Melbourne, where I live, or anywhere I visit.

How long have you been a jewellery designer?
I have been designing and making jewellery (bangles, bracelets, brooches and pins, earrings, necklaces and rings) and collectibles (boxes, spoons and match-holders) since 2003.

Why did you choose silver, pearls and semi-precious stones to work with?
I've always been attracted to the colour and polish of silver. In learning to work with silver, I found that its malleability and ductility, in addition to its affordability, make it a very versatile medium, with many possibilities. Almost anyone can have handmade and unique designer pieces. Similarly, semi-precious stones, with a huge selection of colour, textures, shapes and sizes available, are within any budget range. I particularly love pearls, and how they light up, draw attention to and flatter the wearer's face.

Why do you make jewellery and other treasures and keepsakes?
Jewellery is very satisfying and fun to create, and gives me a opportunity to work with beautiful materials. Jewellery-making is challenging, calling for creativity, foresight and patience, in addition to engineering and technical skills. The making of jewellery is a means of self-expression for its creator, and, of course, jewellery can mean so much to the person wearing it – a token of affection or an expression of personality, style, mood or status.

Where do you get inspirations for your designs?
Inspirations for my designs can come from anywhere. I get ideas from fashion trends, pictures, natural shapes, etc. Many ideas come from playing with the materials and processes themselves. I have created pieces on request, from someone's outline of what they would like, and I have also created pieces with someone specific in mind, a flamboyant personality, for instance, or a more classic design for a more sedate type of person or for their corporate wardrobe.

Who are your customers?
I see my customers as being mainly women, buying for themselves or as gifts, with a well developed sense of their own style. They are not wedded to fashion trends, but they appreciate quality and classic design. My prices reflect the handmade nature of the pieces, while remaining individual and affordable.

What is the commission that brought most satisfaction?
All the commissions I've worked on have been enjoyable and instructive. Because I'm working on someone else's ideas, my own consciousness of possibilities is expanded, and often ingenuity and new skills are required to bring the project to fruition.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as classic, with a contemporary twist. My designs are quite streamlined, but with a hand-crafted edge. It's accessible and mainstream, offering value for money and individuality of design.

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Melbourne's Silverberry - Handmade jewellery and treasures